What to look for when researching senior living options.

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How to Understand Your Senior Living Options

As our population ages, many of us are facing the realization that a loved one may not be able to live safely in their own home. Trying to determine if a parent or spouse needs more help then you can provide them at home is an extremely difficult and emotional decision, but it can be made less difficult with some understanding and information.

As people grow older, changes in their abilities are often gradual and subtle. That’s why it is often difficult for families and care providers to know when a loved one may need extra help or support.

These questions may help you find the answers you need:

  • Are they living alone with no local family or friends?
  • Have they experienced any falls?
  • Do they have any loss of appetite or have lost weight?
  • Are they becoming increasingly forgetful?
  • Do they remember to take their medications?
  • Do new situations cause them confusion or anxiety?
  • Have they kept up with their bathing and grooming?
  • Are they having any trouble getting to appointments or running errands?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to look into a senior living arrangement.

Naturally, you want them safe, well-cared for, happy and engaged with others. Beyond that, there are many senior housing alternatives that offer different levels of care depending on your family member’s special lifestyle and care needs.

Senior living options have advanced significantly over the last decade and today’s retirees have several alternatives to choose from.  The most common types of living arrangements include independent living (also known as retirement living), assisted living, skilled nursing, and Alzheimer’s, dementia care or memory care.

Watch the video to learn more:

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