Know That it is a Privilege to Visit Your Family

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My advice is to know & believe that it is a privilege to be able to visit your family in an assisted living home. The way their face lights up when you come by is priceless. Picking  up the phone and calling daily if possible also puts a skip in their step. Their voice sounds so happy when they pick up the phone & it’s a loved family member. Patience & hugs are essential, and the more you have of each, the better your loved one will feel.

If you have a pet that you can bring with you when you visit, that will ensure that not only your loved one will enjoy the pet’s presence but everyone you walk by in the assisted living area wants to pet your dog & will smile. That enables  you to spread the cheer around to each & everyone you come in contact with on your visit to the assisted living home. Every time I visit I leave with a heart full of love.


Thank you for listening,

Karla Hawe, Daughter of Viola Lucas at Emeritus at Hazel Creek

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