You have a new caregiver for mom... now what?

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Your mom has decided that she wants to remain in her home for as long as she can. You have found the person you think will be the best fit for your moms’ lifestyle, tomorrow is her first day with your mom.

Did you remember to tell her everything? Most likely you have not, use this list below to help you cover the basics on her first day. Make sure to make a copy for her reference as well as yours.

Once you have completed this list review with your caregiver, then both of you can relax and focus on making the transition for mom hassle free.

Have your reviewed your moms medications?

  • Are they accessible and clearly labeled
  • Does the caregiver have a schedule in order to see that medications are given correctly
  • How does your mom prefer to take medications, with water, juice etc.


  • Will your caregiver be preparing food for your mom? If so she will need a list of likes/dislikes
  • Does your mom have allergies?
  • Are there religious restrictions/preferences?
  • Does your mom have a routine in which she follows

Cooking, Cleaning and Food Preparation

  • Can your mom prepare her own food? Do you want her to remain as active as possible?
  • Can your mom make her own bed and do light housekeeping or does the caregiver need to do those chores for your mom.
  • Can mom do her own laundry?

Daily routine

  • Does your mom take a nap during the day? If so for how long? What helps her rest?
  • Is there a certain day she has her hair done?
  • Does she belong to any groups that meet weekly?
  • Does she go to church?
  • What does she like to do?

Personal Hygiene/Toileting

  • What assistance does your mom need in the bathroom?
  • She is independent or does she need assistance sitting down or getting up?
  • Any issues with constipation or diarrhea?
  • Is your mom incontinent?
  • Can your mom complete her personal hygiene tasks such as combing her hair, brushing teeth or does she need assistance?

Personal Preferences

  • Does your mom like her house hot or cold?
  • What should the thermostat be set on so that she is comfortable?
  • Does she like the TV on? If so what type of shows does she enjoy?
  • Does she prefer the radio?
  • Does she like to read the newspaper before breakfast?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Are there things that make mom nervous or upset?
  • Does she enjoy cards games, puzzles, reading?
  • Does your mom use the internet?
  • Does mom still drive?
  • Does she like to be outside?
  • Does she use a walker, cane or wheelchair?
  • Does she sleep late? Stay up late?
  • Does your mom like pets? Does she have any?
  • Will she have friends visit? If so who? Is there someone the caregiver can call if mom is feeling lonely and wants company?
  • Provide a list of friends and family with phone numbers

In case of an Emergency

  • Who does the caregiver call?
  • Give a list of phone numbers of family members as well as emails, cellphone etc.
  • Leave a list of physician’s, dentist, eye doctor
  • Copies of Insurance cards in case of an emergency
  • Hospital preference
  • Does mom have a living will, POA if so make copies of those as well.

About Sherry King

Sherry King has worked in the Senior Living Industry for over 10 years.  Sherry’s love for seniors comes from two places. Her first inspiration stems from her mother, a nurse with 35 years experience in the Senior Living Industry. Her second inspiration came from her grandfather, affectionately known as, "Papaw." Papaw was Sherry's constant companion during her childhood. Sherry is blessed to have David, and her precious dogs Chloe & Mugzee as part of her life.

About Remington House Assisted Living

Remington House Assisted Living is an Emeritus Senior Living community offering seniors an active lifestyle in Kingsport, Tennessee. Our residents feel very much at home in all of the community areas at Remington House. The community offers beautiful scenic views from our gazebo, screened porch, and rural setting lending to a serene and country feel.
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