Conversation Starters for the Holidays

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Want to deepen your connection with family and friends as you gather for the holidays? Here are three questions certain to start a lively conversation.

They come from actor Anna Deveare Smith who posed them when she conducted interviews to put her finger on the pulse of America.

1. Do you know the circumstances of your birth?
2. Have you ever faced death?
3. Have you ever been falsely accused?

Be prepared for a real treat! This is a great way to get to know your family and friends even better!

Happy holidays.


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Submitted by Carolyn Lookabill (not verified) on

How about some questions related to the holidays?
1. What was the first Christmas/Hanukah that you remember? Tell us about it.
2. They say that holidays are for children. Do you agree?
3. Holidays are filled with family recipes for favorite dishes. What was one of your most favorite dishes to eat or prepare at Holiday time? What's the story behind that dish?
4. When you think about New Year's Eve, what are you looking forward to next year?
5. What is the best gift that you ever received at holiday time? Have you ever given a gift to someone and they didn't realize who it was from? A gift for a friend? A gift for someone in need? How did it make you feel?
6. The upcoming holidays are not all about presents and treats. What is the true gift and message of the holiday to you?
The holidays can be a time of mixed emotions. Starting a conversation with simple questions about favorite holiday memories, traditions, gifts, music, etc. helps the participant(s) to engage in a non-threatening way. Then, let the conversation move deeper into shared experiences, emotions, and meaning. Always thank the person for sharing that story or that moment with you.

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