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When Both Parents Have Dementia

There are probably few things in life more heartbreaking than watching a parent experience the challenge of dementia. You are not only dealing with its effect on you and your family, but you’re also faced with how to best care for your loved one. Having two parents with dementia can be overwhelming, particularly if they are resistant to discussing care options.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already done so, the first thing to do is see a doctor. If a physician’s assessment shows some possible dementia or progression of dementia, it’s important to make an appointment with a neurologist to determine if, in fact, they have dementia or if their condition is simply a symptom of an unrelated health problem. If the latter, they may have an illness that is treatable and the dementia may improve or disappear entirely.

Involve Others

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We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

Think of senior citizens and the average person conjures up images of blue hairs in track suits, smelling of Ben Gay and talcum powder, clutching well-worn AARP cards and dining on the early bird special at 4:30 p.m. while receiving a senior discount off the tab. But if you look around you will see that the myth of the docile, gentle, unassuming septuagenarian is being exploded on all manner of social fronts. From Betty White to Barbara Hillary, today’s seniors are sassy, feisty, fit, and yes, sexy. They’re not your momma’s grandma anymore!
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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

A recent article in More Magazine (December 2012 issue) discussed how different cultures perceive a woman’s beauty as she ages. American culture tells us constantly if we are not twenty something, stick thin but with curves in the appropriate places, full lipped and perfectly coiffed, we are not beautiful. Other societies have markedly different standards. The six countries mentioned in the article were: Greece, Ghana, Malaysia, India, France, and Romania.
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A Succession of Jerks

I have been a stranger in a strange land.

Exodus 2:22, King James Version

Age seldom arrives smoothly or quickly. It’s more often a succession of jerks.

Jean Rhys

As Legacy Gardens Business Office Director (BOD), I find I have the unique opportunity to travel to another Emeritus community to train their new BOD. I am headed to Fox River, in Appleton, Wisconsin. It’s about two hours northeast of Madison, where I am located. I am to go for two days for two successive weeks. I am excited about seeing another community up close and nervous because I want to represent my own in the best possible light.

It occurs to me as I drive that I can also look at this trip from the perspective of a resident moving into a new community. I decide to blog for the two weeks I am on the road and at Fox River and see what occurs. Little do I know….

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My Great Aunt Polly and Uncle Bill

Writer, Kimberly Moore and her Great Aunt and Uncle
Polly is the closest thing I will ever have to my maternal grandmother, who passed when I was only 3. Polly and my grandmother, Nellie, were sisters. I have vague memories of her, for which I am very grateful. Even though she is gone, I still feel connected to her through several “vintage” items in my home that were hers. A few decorative pieces, like hammered aluminum plates are displayed on my baker’s rack, but most importantly, there is the intricately designed lead crystal bottle she used to store her cooking oil. This same bottle now sits on my own kitchen counter, used for the same purpose. I feel close to her every time I make a meal. I’m sure she would be thrilled I still think about her, and most of all, keep a memory of her close to me in my favorite place – the kitchen!


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