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Knowing when the time is right for hospice care

If you’re taking care of a loved one who has a chronic medical condition, one of the toughest questions you will face is when it’s time to let go and say good-bye. It’s a decision fraught with numerous emotions including sadness, guilt, and even relief. Because it’s such an emotionally charged issue, it’s hard to know when it’s time to seek out hospice care.
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Assisted Living vs. Skilled Nursing Care

As our parents or elderly loved ones age, they may face greater challenges in performing the daily tasks that optimize their quality of life. That’s when it may be time to start looking at senior care options. The senior care industry has experienced dramatic growth over the last decade, both in number of residents and options available. This presents a greater opportunity to find a community that best matches your loved one’s particular needs...
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Seven Tips for a Happier Holiday for Senior Caregivers

The holidays can be stressful under the best of circumstances. For those of us caring for an elderly loved one, the possibilities for headaches – and heartache – can multiply quickly. The desire to hold on to beloved holiday traditions pulls at us, but is often at odds with our new reality.
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Caregiver Stress & Fatigue

Being a caregiver is a difficult, yet rewarding experience. Many people who become caregivers work full-time jobs and have families of their own, so it stands to reason that it would be easy for caregivers to suffer from stress and fatigue. Having seen my mother care for many seniors as well as my grandfather and aunt I can express to you the importance of these simple steps to a healthy caregiver life.
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The Formula for the Meaningful Conversation

Your next step is to reflect back what you hear, making sure that you got it right. You can say, “So, some days you feel like a child again, with people constantly telling you what to do. You want to be treated as the competent adult you are.” You are successful with the meaningful conversation when your partner says, “They get it! They get me!” You might see their body physically relax. Once somebody knows you get them, you’re in a better position to influence them.


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