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*7 out of 10 say they are caring for a parent

Welcome to The Senior Care Blog! Our team of writers at Emeritus are dedicated to providing online support for SeniorsSenior Caregivers and their Families. The transition to the retirement years is a journey that involves so many people and we wanted to make sure that the topics on our blog could help people during the various stages in their life, pre- and post-retirement years. From the adult child caring for his or her aging parent to the newly retired senior preparing for a new life at a senior living community, our blog will help answer the many questions that develop during the transition to senior living or caregiving.

The Senior Care Blog topics focus on Caregiving Tips, Long-Term Care and Financial Planning, Aging Care, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Memory Care, Dementia Care, Brain Health, Retirement Living, Senior Health and Fitness, and so much more. We have the senior living industry's best and brightest, writing about subjects you need to know about.

Our writers are experienced senior care professionals, with positions that range from a Neuropsychologist, a Board Certified Surgeon, a Registered Nurse to a Senior Living Activities Director and a Senior Living Executive Director. They write about topics that matter to you! If you have questions or have a specific senior care topic in mind, let us know

Are you a senior? If you are a senior researching your Retirement and Long-Term Care options, you are in the right place. This is a new transition, a new adventure and you can never be too prepared. It's never too late to arm yourself with information, and get yourself to where you want to be.  

Are you a senior caregiver? If you are a caregiver, watching over your aging loved one then, you are also in the right place. The Senior Care Blog offers tips for caregivers. You can learn different ways to make caregiving a little bit easier. You can also learn different techniques to alleviate stress.

Are you a family member or adult child of a senior? If you are the family member of a senior, we understand the many challenges and transitions that occur. The Senior Care Blog will have many stories and tips about how to get through the challenges.

If you have any questions, if there are any topics you would like included or if you have any questions for any of our writers, you can comment on their or article  or please feel free to contact us at Inquiry@TheSeniorCareBlog.com

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This blog is dedicated and created for our seniors, their families, and senior caregivers.


* Source: Gallup Wellbeing.